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Broken Relationship - Spritual Geography

Broken Relationship

Broken Relationship? Spiritual Geography can help.

Spiritual Geography is a the first—and only—mystical system that translates the universal experiences of relationship trauma into a meaningful, purposeful, spiritual-healing pilgrimage. The seven countries on the Spiritual Geography map correspond to seven aspects or phases of healing a broken heart. In each country you achieve a spiritual task and receive an essential spiritual gift that will support you for the rest of your life.

Broken Relationship

The journey begins with the explosion of your relationship in the Country of Betrayal, and moves through intense emotions in the Country of Pain and exhausting struggle in the Country of War. Deep transformation begins in the Country of Illusion, as you recognize how your toxic thought habits helped create your life. When you realize you are not a victim, you receive your ticket to cross Not A Victim Bridge and enter the Country of Surrender. In Surrender, you acquire the essential spiritual gift of trust by learning to release the people, things, and ideas that no longer serve you and discovering that Spirit truly does provide. Surrender is the country of miracles. The transformation continues in Choice, as you consciously build a new kind of fulfilling, joyful life.

As the journey culminates, one great spiritual task remains: to finally, completely, and totally forgive. Arriving in the Country of Peace, you receive your S.E. (Spiritual Explorer) designation and your great reward, the last of the seven essential gifts of spiritual healing: your whole, holy--and healed--heart. Having earned the seven essential spiritual gifts, you are ready to begin again, love again, and live again, in peace, harmony, and prosperity.

Broken Relationship

To learn more about Spiritual Geography, read the FAQs, explore the seven countries in "The Map" and take the interactive Locator in "Where Am I?"

Janet Conner is the explorer and cartographer of the map of Spiritual Geography, the author of the seven books of Spiritual Geography, and the first pilgrim to earn the S.E. (Spiritual Explorer) designation. Above all, she is living proof of the tangible power of forgiveness. Janet survived an appalling divorce that included going into hiding, wearing a security device, keeping 911 pre-dialed on the phone, and protecting her son from kidnapping. Despite all she went through, or perhaps because of all she went through, she is an expert on the power of sacred journaling, personal prayer, and forgiveness to heal your heart and transform your world.


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